Hail Mary

About our New "Hail Mary" Program

With our new Hail Mary program, our team will search for your hard to find consumer electronic parts. If the parts are located and approved we will drop ship them right to your specified location for no extra charge! This program will help you save money by replacing one part instead of your entire system. 

An example of a past success story is one retail customer’s repair centers have saved $95,000 and counting in model replacement costs!

If you are interested and already have an account with us, fill out THIS FORM with the following information and email it to hailmary@ptscorp.com.

  • Vendor/ MFG
  • Part Number
  • Model Field Number
  • Part Description
  • Your Contact Information

If  you need to create an account or have any questions, email hailmary@ptscorp.comReturns must be received within 30 days.  A restocking fee will apply.